Monday, June 16, 2008

Comic lovers anticipate ‘The Legion of Health’

Young adults, teens, and pre-teens in Baton Rouge eagerly anticipate next week’s release of The Legion of Health comic book series volume one: Fed Up!. Created and edited by local family physician Dr. Rani Whitfield, the debut comic rivals Marvel comics in quality and message.

Fed Up!, which is scheduled for a Baton Rouge release on Tuesday, June 24, brings Tha’ Hip Hop Doc, a doctor, warrior, teacher and hero, and his team of muscle-bound, super-intelligent health advocates with super human powers to protect the human race from members of the Dungeon of Disease.

Representing Western medicine, fitness, nutrition, spiritual health, alternative medicine, research, and mental health these heroes battle SSPs (Symbiotic Supernatural Parasites) with colorful allusions in this comic world.

Tha’ Hip Hop Doc’s nemesis, Bad Heart, a sickly but shrewd and manipulative villain, will stop at nothing to destroy his foes, The Legion of Health. The comic series delivers critical messages on obesity, poor eating habits, physical inactivity, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and STDs packed with imagery and action.

Whitfield, who is also a board-certified sports medicine physician, said he designed the three-book comic series to reinforce positive health values using an ingenious, artistic package that is most popular among youth and young adults.

“The obstacle in the past with health comic books is that they were not of industry standard, and physicians were not actively delivering the messages to the youth,” said Whitfield. With that, Whitfield and comic artist Greg Nichols, took Whitfield’s Hip Hop Healthy speeches and created The Legion of Health. The series has been thoroughly researched and is a recommended teaching tool.

Tha’ Hip Hop Doctor and The Legion of Health series is currently available online for purchase at

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